Minty days

These days I get a little nostalgic. Just because I love summer’s brightness, along with its long, warm days. But when I see the first mint tops becoming white and fluffy like cat’s tail, I know the summer is well past its peak. The cooling, yet sweet strong aroma is a powerful consolation though. It

Love for Lavender

We are well into spring now and lavender is one of our garden’s beauties to unfold its splendour. The colour, the scent, the bees busily buzzing around, it is hard not to love lavender. There aren’t many herbs around which can claim being as well known and widely used throughout centuries and cultures. With its

Summer throughout

It is the midst of the summer here in country Victoria and it may seem like we have more of an idle time since we don’t do any markets. It is however the busiest time of the year on the backend of Thornhill Lane. We pick. We dry. We bottle up. Then we strain and

Healing Powerhouse – Comfrey

Comfrey is a plant we widely use in our garden and household, from nourishing fertiliser for plants to dressing bandages for wounds and inflammation. It really works wonders! We started with a few root cuttings a few years ago and we now have plants all around our garden fence in an effort to keep the

All you need is less

It’s raining, raining, raining and I am in the mood for making confessions today. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve thought I had bad-tempered skin, ugly breakouts, acne scars, oily nose and front, dry patches, uneven dull appearance overall. Nothing to be proud about. Or at least ok with. And makeup wasn’t the answer

Benefits of using facial oils

This is an introductory article on the awesomeness of facial oils I wrote recently for a larger online community with keen interest in all-things natural. I thought I’d share it with you too.  We have seen various facial oils popping up on the market for years, but what are they? How are they different from

So happy to get this feedback

  Happy over the moon to get such wonderful message about our baby balm today. Thank you Rebecca Boyd: Hey Stefania Hope all is going well with you.  Just wanted to let you know something interesting about the baby balm you gifted me (thank you so much by the way) My daughter recently had some

Put her name on it

Say thank you to your mum, wife or yourself with a very special gift mentioning her name on it. She deserves to be given a star treatment. And a treat to her wonderful face! Limited time only. Buy any facial oil or a pack containing a facial oil and we’ll put your loved-one’s name on it.
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