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Our natural and organic skin-care essentials have been created with rejuvenating, nutrient-dense, antioxidant and healing properties in mind. They are blended with some of the most powerful plants nature has given us.
With no exception, each and every of our products is 100% natural and 100% organic.
We are purveyors of gourmet food for skin.

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Hi Stefania, I have tried on your products, they are awesomely awesome! Here’s my little honest feedback: Body Butter: Top quality product! My favourite amongst all body moisturisers I have ever tried :) I have had some allergy and dryness around my tummy area for a long time, been trying different body lotions, creams, and moisturisers. They either sooth the dryness or the allergy but not both. However this body butter does the magic. It got better even after I first put it on! Now it’s almost completely healed. Lip Balm: Very yummy chocolate flavour! Very tempted to eat it :) Great moisturiser so far. Hugs, Win

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From the blog

Harnessing summer's energy for winter days

As we are approaching the winter equinox and the days grow shorter, we start to feel less active and perky, maybe even apathetic at times. It is the natural body’s reaction to the limited exposure to light during the winter months.

This can be however diminished by using mother nature’s remedies – the vibrant flowering plants that are in full bloom during the longest summer days as they bring the much-needed energy of the sunlight to our cells. Think of St John’s wort, yarrow, calendula, chamomile. To alleviate the winter’s harshness on the body and soul, try making a skin-loving massage oil or a perfume blend using herbal infused oils of St. John’s wort and calendula enriched with essential oils of chamomile, yarrow or frankincense.

Massage the whole body or apply on the wrists. Pure bliss. 💖