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Our natural and organic skin-care essentials have been created with rejuvenating, nutrient-dense, antioxidant and healing properties in mind. They are blended with some of the most powerful plants nature has given us.
With no exception, each and every of our products is 100% natural and 100% organic.
We are purveyors of wholesome food for skin.

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Hi Stefania, I have tried on your products, they are awesomely awesome! Here’s my little honest feedback: Body Butter: Top quality product! My favourite amongst all body moisturisers I have ever tried :) I have had some allergy and dryness around my tummy area for a long time, been trying different body lotions, creams, and moisturisers. They either sooth the dryness or the allergy but not both. However this body butter does the magic. It got better even after I first put it on! Now it’s almost completely healed. Lip Balm: Very yummy chocolate flavour! Very tempted to eat it :) Great moisturiser so far. Hugs, Win

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From the blog

Fragrant days

When I started making aromatherapy perfumes at the start of this year I didn’t even imagine this would be such an enchanting adventure. 

The world of scents has unfolded little by little to me, captivating my days, firing up my creativity, enticing my heart. It has been such an inspiring journey, and I realise how lucky I am to surround myself with fabulous scents daily, it is a real delight. And a luxury!  

I was first in love with Ylang ylang, then mr. Sandalwood made a huge impression on me, only to later fall prey to witch jasmine, but I love them all for their uniqueness, magic and power. Essential oils are such a delectable gift from mother nature.

However I rather want to talk here about the lesser known oil of Fragonia, which is a delightful addition to the world of perfumery. It’s an Australian native, from the tea tree family, and while you may think this is not such a fortunate relation from a scent perspective, fragonia is though in a very special category of its own. If I was to describe the scent of fragonia, I would say it has rich floral notes, reminiscent of rose geranium, coupled with fresh camphoraceous and slightly spicy notes. This is how my current fragonia essential oil smells like – I got this one from Paperbark Oils, and it’s the best distillation I have come across so far. Chemistry wise, it has an unusually balanced profile between monoterpenes, oxides and monoterpenols, making us think of its uses for emotional wellbeing. 

Fragonia is as efficient antimicrobial as tea tree, while gentler on the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and immune regulating properties. 
Fragonia is widely used in aromatherapy for the mind and soul. Dr. Daniel Penoel explains that fragonia has the capacity to create inner peace and establish harmony from within. Fragonia promotes calm, balance and serenity, leading to good quality sleep. Robbi Zeck says fragonia helps remove scars from our emotional framework, releasing old blockages. She suggests massaging fragonia onto the base of the skull to allow emotions to be processed differently. 

Fragonia also plays a role in regulating hormonal imbalances caused by the pituitary gland, according to Karen Wallwork, Australian aromatherapist. It assists with menstruation symptoms such as pain, anxiety, depression and breast tenderness. 

What’s not to love about fragonia? As for me, I love the richness of its scent, it feels so welcoming and generous, like someone with arms wide open saying “come here for a hug, it’s room for everyone”. And I am also impressed with what fragonia can do to a blend, bringing substance, harmony and a long lasting effect. 

You will find fragonia imparting its magic into some of our blends, such as Off with the Blues, I am One, Light and Positive Moods.

Love and fragrant hugs,

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