Minty days

These days I get a little nostalgic. Just because I love summer’s brightness, along with its long, warm days. But when I see the first mint tops becoming white and fluffy like cat’s tail, I know the summer is well past its peak. The cooling, yet sweet strong aroma is a powerful consolation though. It soothes my senses and my spirit alike. It’s such a profoundly intoxicating and invigorating scent. Pure delight.

Second time when I get this same vibrant kick is when I strip the dried leaves off the stems. My drying room becomes the most exciting herbal apothecary on earth.
To get and preserve all this goodness I pick the mint gradually as it goes into bloom, as that is when the plant reaches its maximum potency. I let dry in the shade until it becomes crumbly and then get it into jars with pure EVOO to slow sun-infuse for about 10-12 weeks.
That is when it is ready to go into the baby balm to provide much needed comfort, as well as into facial oils (such as the ones for combination and oily/acne prone skin) to balance the natural production of sebum.

No claims or promises

I will never promise my products will make you beautiful – you already are!! Nor my products won’t make you bright – we wouldn’t have met unless you had already been so bright. My products won’t make you look younger either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkles, they make you look authentic and tell all the feelings and experiences you have been through. They are there to remind of beautiful moments, fears, delights, stress and exhaustion. Because you fully give yourself to every emotion, with no reserve.

I am not making any promises here. It is not my business to afford ground for expectations.  I am only claiming one thing, that we all deserve to enjoy the nature’s goodness to care for our bodies and souls. Just saying… 😇

With love and joy,


The magic of spring

img_20161018_180617I love summer for its blue skies and bright sunshine, I love autumn for its amber tinted leaves, but spring has a magic spell on me, a whole new world comes alive again, tiny little seeds become little plants, blossoms impart the most amazing scents, the air gets refreshed by quick showers followed by incredible sunshine. And a rainbow. Or even two.

Spring is a time to marvel at life. I look around our orange-spotted property and I see my little calendula seedlings going from a few leaves to their first, dazzling flower to full bloom in really no time. It has something remarkable about it and the magic spell grows with each year. I love marigolds for the energy they exude as well as for their resilience. They are perfect companions. For humans and plants alike.

Why biodynamics


We first heard about biodynamics many years ago when we were in Romania and had no idea that farming could be a soul searching exercise :) But I’d rather ”blame” it on Mark from SOS who was the first to show us that great tasting tomatoes were not lost to the past. He has been an inspiration to us and somehow got us thinking about making the tree change.
Mark knows everything about gentle handling of soil and you can see (or taste) its benefits straight away in his awesomely delicious produce. He is always happy to share his knowledge and passion for real food. When we lived in Melbourne we were following him at different farmers markets. Because we loved his stuff. And because we loved him! He has such a lovely personality – he is lighthearted and funny, and finds a large smile for everyone. Surprisingly, if you think this is after 5 days of serious hard working on the farm and an alarm going off at 3am to go to market. Every week of the year.
Mark is biodynamic! He really is :)