Minty days

These days I get a little nostalgic. Just because I love summer’s brightness, along with its long, warm days. But when I see the first mint tops becoming white and fluffy like cat’s tail, I know the summer is well past its peak. The cooling, yet sweet strong aroma is a powerful consolation though. It

No claims or promises

I will never promise┬ámy products will make you beautiful – you already are!! Nor my products won’t make you bright – we wouldn’t have met unless you had already been so bright. My products won’t make you look younger either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkles, they make you look authentic and tell all

The magic of spring

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I love summer for its blue skies and bright sunshine, I love autumn for its amber tinted leaves, but spring has a magic spell on me, a whole new world comes alive again, tiny little seeds become little plants, blossoms impart the most amazing scents, the air gets refreshed by quick showers followed by incredible

Why biodynamics

We first heard about biodynamics many years ago when we were in Romania and had no idea that farming could be a soul searching exercise :) But I’d rather ”blame” it on Mark from SOS who was the first to show us that great tasting tomatoes were not lost to the past. He has been
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