Thornhill Lane Biodynamics [TLBD] makes only 100% natural and 100% organic skin-care products, part of a very simple line of cosmetics as we believe we only need a few good beauty items to get a naturally glowing, healthy skin.

Our line of skin-care botanicals consists of:

Facial oils – for dry, normal, oily, maturesensitive and combination skin types

Lip butterunscented

Body butters: daily nourishing hand mousse, hand and body butter, baby bum balm (Triple B), tummy butter for pregnancy care

Healing balmsskin restore balm and calendula salve

Aromatherapy perfumes for emotions and states of mind

After-shave soothing oil – for him and her

All our products are formulated with most nourishing, moisturising, healing and rejuvenating properties in mind.
We believe nature has true answers to our skin-care routine and we let it work its wonders. Please check the list of ingredients we use to get a sense of why we are so passionate about nature’s ways to beauty.

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