We are a small family business established from the passion for nature and with the idea of a pure and simple way of living. We believe life should be uncomplicated, enjoyed every single moment for its bright side, in tune with the rhythm of nature.

Reading a lot of labels we realised the vast majority of the skin-care products on the market, even the so-called organic ones, are laden with various chemicals and synthetic ingredients. And we said there must be a better way to nourish and rejuvenate our skin. This is why we created this 100% natural and 100% organic skin-care range of essentials. We believe everyone deserves what nature has best to give us.

We live in the beautiful Victorian Goldfields area and grow most of the herbs and plants we use on our remote property which enjoys clean, fresh air, vitalising rain water and amazing sunshine. We hope this shows into our oils and butters.

From us to you with love, joy and passion!

Who else is in the company? My little daughter who is an invaluable helper when picking up fresh calendula flowers and then handing them one by one to put on the drying rack. My husband who is the e-heart and the e-brain of the business as well as master gardener. And our friends who have shown a lot of support along the way.



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