Pregnancy complete care pack

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1 tummy butter + 1 lip butter + 1 facial oil = 5.55% discount. Pamper yourself with this complete care pack containing one tummy butter (50ml), one lip butter and one facial oil.

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Your amazing experience can only be matched with this 100% organic and natural complete care pack for mothers-to-be.
It contains:

1 x Tummy Butter (50ml) – a gentle blend of botanicals to protect the outer skin of baby’s home. This butter is delicate and pure, and gives your skin the elasticity it needs so much at this time. Full of yummy ingredients such as cocoa butter, macadamia and sunflower, as well as healing calendula and shea butter. Enriched with protective beeswax and calming essential oils to make the experience of massaging your tummy an ever greater one.
1 x Lip butter – a natural scented reliever for chapped lips containing calendula, jojoba, shea, coconut, chamomile, cocoa, beeswax, castor. Pure bliss for lips!
1 x Facial oil (30ml) – a blend of pure and precious homegrown and handcrafted herbal oils, including calendula, green tea, chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort, lavender. Enriched with potent essential oils to suit different skin types. Choose from normal, dry, oily, mature, combination and sensitive (Please mention your skin type at checkout)

Each and every product is 100% organic and natural.

Every item is packaged in glass containers to keep all these amazing ingredients unspoiled.

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Skin type

normal, mature, dry, oily, sensitive, combination

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