So happy to get this feedback


IMG_20160617_120603Happy over the moon to get such wonderful message about our baby balm today. Thank you Rebecca Boyd:

Hey Stefania

Hope all is going well with you.  Just wanted to let you know something interesting about the baby balm you gifted me (thank you so much by the way)

My daughter recently had some pretty bad cradle cap that had made its way onto her forehead and eyebrows (apparently this can be normal with newborns) it looked horrible!  I tried a couple of things without success (including almond oil which I used with my other daughter) with no luck.

One day when changing her nappy I thought I’d give your baby balm a go – more out of interest and knowing it contained all organic ingredients.

Within 12 hours the cradle cap was almost gone, and within 2 days there was nothing there at all!  It worked tremendously!  I’ve since used it behind her ears which get quite dry and on some other dry skin on my husband and with both it has cleared up within a day.

So you have a multi use item there that you may want to look to promote as things other than baby balm!!

You’re onto a winner there…


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