No claims or promises

I will never promise my products will make you beautiful – you already are!! Nor my products won’t make you bright – we wouldn’t have met unless you had already been so bright. My products won’t make you look younger either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkles, they make you look authentic and tell all

How much science?

Many times when I get to talk in more detail about my products, people wonder about the science behind mixing various natural ingredients into a smooth butter or mousse. Without over-simplifying things I must say I don’t actually employ a lot of science. Just because when you are mixing oils and butters, they simply bind to each

How natural is natural?

Now that I carefully look at ingredients list on the packaging, I must admit I sometimes get confused when reading product labels. What is natural? And what is safe? Unfortunately the use of “natural” on many products is so misleading that discerning between truly natural and so-called natural becomes quite difficult. Would you call Phenoxyethanol
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