No claims or promises

I will never promise my products will make you beautiful – you already are!! Nor my products won’t make you bright – we wouldn’t have met unless you had already been so bright. My products won’t make you look younger either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wrinkles, they make you look authentic and tell all the feelings and experiences you have been through. They are there to remind of beautiful moments, fears, delights, stress and exhaustion. Because you fully give yourself to every emotion, with no reserve.

I am not making any promises here. It is not my business to afford ground for expectations.  I am only claiming one thing, that we all deserve to enjoy the nature’s goodness to care for our bodies and souls. Just saying… 😇

With love and joy,


How much science?


Many times when I get to talk in more detail about my products, people wonder about the science behind mixing various natural ingredients into a smooth butter or mousse. Without over-simplifying things I must say I don’t actually employ a lot of science. Just because when you are mixing oils and butters, they simply bind to each other naturally. There is absolutely no need for emulsifiers, slide-on agents, preservatives, emollients, humectants or who-knows-what. Lucky me!!!

My process is fairly simple: melt the beeswax, butters and coconut oil, add the liquid plants oils, mix well with a kitchen spoon, wait for the mixture to cool down a bit and then add the essential oils and mix again vigorously. That’s it! Nothing else added. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

The problem is when you mix oils / butters with water. That’s when you need to add, at a very minimum, an emulsifier and a preservative. Because oils don’t mix with water and because water is the perfect environment for bacteria, fungi and mold. So just by adding a drop of water, you get at least these 2 problems. And from here on it gets complicated. Preservatives don’t smell nice, problem no 3, and so you now need to add some sort of fragrance. Given essential oils are expensive, the big manufacturers prefer synthetic ‘perfume’ which comes at a fraction of the cost.
Speaking of essential oils, I should say I totally love them not only for their scents but even more so for their therapeutic properties. Double awesomeness!

I won’t delve any further into the science of synthetic cosmetics as my interest doesn’t lay there.
If the ingredients listing on a product starts with water, then pay more attention to what follows.
Besides, why paying big bucks for water?!?



Bad eggs + nice strawbs? Not my kind of pavlova


Would you put bad eggs in a pavlova base thinking the fresh strawberries going on top would make up for that?

The same goes with skin-care products. Adding plant-based ingredients to a base of nasties (read synthetic alcohols, polymers, ethers, amides, parabens, sulphates, etc) doesn’t make much sense, does it? That trace of apricot kernel oil or green tea extract is not going to compensate for the effects of any SLS, PEG, PPG, DEA, TEA, MEA, DHT or DHA on the skin. These short names may sound acceptable, but what if you see the full names, such as: Sodium Laureth Sulphate, PolyEthylene Glycol, PolyPropylene Glycol, TriEthanolAmine, DiEthanolAmine, MonoEthanolAmine, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Butylated hudroxyanisole. All these synthetic chemicals can not rejuvenate or nourish the skin. And mixing them with natural ingredients is not going to change the end-result.

It makes me sad to see lovely, natural compounds wasted in cocktails of nasty chemicals, just to make a product more marketable. Why not using ONLY natural ingredients?!? If the synthetic chemicals are so great, then what’s the need for embellishments like “enriched with natural ingredients” or “natural extracts added”? If a product is plain good, there is no need to add anything to it. But obviously the chemical traders have realised that consumers were not stupid and they have asked their marketing guys what to do to keep selling their dirty chemicals. Sad, isn’t it?
Excuse my ramblings, this is just a way of urging you to read the full list of ingredients on all products you buy and consume.
Nature does have everything we need. Enjoy the nature’s goodness!

How natural is natural?

Now that I carefully look at ingredients list on the packaging, I must admit I sometimes get confused when reading product labels. What is natural? And what is safe?

Unfortunately the use of “natural” on many products is so misleading that discerning between truly natural and so-called natural becomes quite difficult. Would you call Phenoxyethanol natural? How about PEG 120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate? Or Sodium Laureth Sulfate aka SLS? Or Tetrasodium EDTA?

If you see these ingredients along with other synthetic preservatives on a skin-care product labelled “95% ingredients of natural origin” and called Organic Argan oil Facial Mousse, how would you feel?!?

Take a look at the full snapshot of the ingredients list:

ingredients list_natural product


If on the front label you see “95% ingredients of natural origin” and “organic argan oil” without reading the full ingredients list, you would think it is actually a safe skin-care product.

It’s misleading and it makes consumers think synthetic compounds are okay. I beg to differ!

Don’t let the marketing fool you – always read the full ingredients list before you make your decision to buy.  If an ingredient doesn’t sound right to you, then most likely it isn’t safe. And remember whatever you put on your skin will get into your bloodstream straight away.

To be sure, you can check the safety of different ingredients here:


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