We are very proud of our products and we’re very happy when you love them too. Here’s what some of our customers think of them:

Hi Stefania,
Just wanted to let you know how much I love your products ! The hand mousse is my favourite, I love the smell and the smoothness of my hands after applying it, it has become quite an addiction :-) The facial oil is a must every morning, although I have to confess that I also dip into my husband’s after shave lotion (also from your range) sometimes… just as good and he does not seem to notice :-) The lip butter is always at hand, either on my desk at work or next to the door at home, as I cannot leave the house without putting it on ! Thank you for creating such wonderful products ! Wishing you all the best for the future!


Hi Stephania and Co.

Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying using your products. I have tried most of them now and my favourites are the facial oils, skin restore balm and face mist. Since I have been using them my skin feels great. I also love the way the products smell and the fact that it is all natural is very important to me. I have given some of your products as gifts and the friends and family that have received them have loved them too. I am looking forward to trying the new little perfume as regular perfume irritates my skin. Keep up the good work. I am definitely a fan!


Hi Stefania
I bought your products form Barkly Square in Brunswick. I love them (Face oil, sandalwood spray and BBB cream which I use it for a hand/ body cream). All the dryness on my skin is now gone and have had no pimples even with the change of face products. My 6yo daughter uses the lip cream which she loves.
I am going to buy more for my sister, who only uses natural products.
Thank you for making such beautiful products.
Kind Regards


I bought the facial oil, triple B cream and lip balm at the Lancefield Market and LOVE THEM!! Absolutely gorgeous products. I use the triple B cream every evening on my 2 year old after his bath, it’s really helping with the dry patches he was getting on his arms and legs. We also used it on some slight sun burn whilst on holidays and it helped so much and eased the soreness and redness. I use the facial oil morning and night, I thought it would leave behind an oily feel but it definitely doesn’t! I think my skin is extremely dry as it soaks in almost immediately and sometimes I’ve even added some more oil straight after! I’ve been putting 6-7 drops of oil in my palm with a sprinkle of water, rub my palms together and run into my face. Is this the correct way? It smells amazing and it’s even helped my dry hands just from using in my face.


Hi Stef, thank you so much for the love you so obviously poured into the products you developed – as always, it works. I am totally hooked and you have a customer for life.

I used the facial oil, body butter and lip balm and all of them are the best I have ever tried – three to four weeks later my skin looks so much better, the hard, dry patches on my elbows, knees and feet are gone. I cannot believe that it is possible to have products of this quality at this very reasonable price.

Of course, I shared them with some of my friends and they were all equally impressed.

We hope your business will grow so that more and more people will get to benefit from these beautiful products.

Thank you again!

ClaudiaMount Waverley

Hi Stefania,

I have tried on your products, they are awesomely awesome! Here’s my little honest feedback:

Body Butter:
Top quality product! My favourite amongst all body moisturisers I have ever tried :)
I have had some allergy and dryness around my tummy area for a long time, been trying different body lotions, creams, and moisturisers. They either sooth the dryness or the allergy but not both. However this body butter does the magic. It got better even after I first put it on! Now it’s almost completely healed.

Lip Balm:
Very yummy chocolate flavour! Very tempted to eat it :)
Great moisturiser so far.



My 3 1/2 year old son has developed atopic eczema mainly on his face. I used the body butter on his face and almost immediately he found relief from the irritation and the itchy red skin. The redness faded over night and the cream really nourished his dry skin. Unlike many other creams we used before, this one does not sting, so it’s easy to apply. He likes to apply it himself and loves the smell. Also, I love that it comes in a glass container, without any risk of plastic chemicals leeching into the cream. Every now and again, when he has a flare up, we use the body butter knowing that he will have a smooth, healthy skin in no time.


I have been using the facial oil and the body butter and just LOVE them!!
Both are bursting with natural organic goodness so I know my skin is soaking in the powerful anti-oxidants that contain regenerative and healing properties.
The smell of the body butter is heavenly which lasts on the skin all day – just divine.


I used the facial oil and the body butter and they both penetrate easily into the skin, leave no residue, having a very natural fragrance. They are just perfect. And I prefer them instead of the different creams I used to use.

CoraliaNarre Warren

I’m 100% comfortable in saying that normal skin facial oil is the best moisturiser I’ve used on my face, ever! I’m prone to a pimple or two through out each month but whilst using this oil my skin remained completely blemish-free, smooth and conditioned. I almost cried when I ran out… And to know that Stefania lovingly infused each oil in the mix herself, sometimes even using wild-harvested plants, well you can’t get much better than that.


And we’re also very open to suggestions, critique or simple thanks :)
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