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  • Lana B
    10/02/2016 at 2:44 pm

    I’m a very satisfied return customer. I’ve purchased both the Dry and Sensitive Skin Oils having ordered 4 bottles in total. I have mild Rosacea on my forehead, nose and chin and find these oils beneficial to combat the redness and keep my facial skin in great condition. I use the Dry Skin Oil as a weekly spa treatment. I’ve used the Sensitive skin product as suggested on this site for makeup removal, and as an all-in one cleanser, toner and moisturiser- I’ve had great results and I love how my skin feels after use. Soft, smooth and glowing is how I’d describe the result. I find 1 bottle lasts me about 6 weeks using it twice daily- applying about 4 drops to my skin. The Dry Skin Oil, using it only weekly as described above, will last a lot longer- so I suggest it is good value for money. The products have a pleasant natural smell. I have noticed a reduction in the visibility of small wrinkles around my eyes- and my décolletage has smoother sleep creases- so that’s got to be good! During the first week of use I did notice small reddish bumps on my forehead, not itchy or irritated, not pimples as such- just visible. I’ve put it down to my skin detoxing from non-natural skin product use over many years, as these no longer occur. Friends and family have commented on how great my skin looks- so something must be working from using these products. I’m the product queen and love to try new things all the time- I’ve just made a return to natural and organic products and feel that TLB products are going to remain in my beauty ritual.

    • Stefania Netcu
      10/02/2016 at 3:26 pm

      Thanks for such a detailed comment, Lana. It is absolutely fantastic to see such dedication and I am thrilled to hear you have fallen in love again with nature’s goodness ♡

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