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  • I am One - botanical perfume


    Confidence - Peace - Unity

  • Facial oil for oily skin


    This precious mix of botanicals is created with the particular challenges and needs of the oily skin in mind. Many people out there, especially those with an oily complexion, are reluctant to put oil on their face to keep skin cleansed and hydrated, fearing clogged pores and further blackheads. However pure botanicals can work wonders on oily skin – they help the skin regaining its natural balance and radiance without stripping it off own sebum. This pure oil is non-comedogenic, and cleanses gently, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it tonified, clear and supple.

  • Hand & Body butter

    from $17.00

    This body butter is perfect for the whole body, from head to toe. It works wonders on the drier, exposed bits like hands, elbows and calves, but the rest of your body will be thankful as well. It leaves your skin smooth and silky, making it happy and shining like a Golden Delicious apple. It is made of a good handful of yummy ingredients - who doesn't love cocoa, sesame, macadamias or coconuts?! So you might be tempted to eat it instead of indulging your skin in it - just warning you. :) It also contains a good load of healing calendula, nourishing shea butter, fragrant beeswax and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouses such as sage, oregano and eucalyptus. All packaged in an uplifting aromatic blend of lemon myrtle, sweet orange, mint and lavender essential oils.

  • Facial oil for normal skin


    This blend of pure botanicals helps your skin to maintain its natural balance while improving its tone and elasticity. It is highly regenerative, stimulating and gives your complexion brightness. It reduces blemishes, redness, dark spots as well as under-eye dark circles, and it calms irritation.

  • Courage - botanical perfume


    "The secret to freedom is courage"

  • Clear Mind - botanical perfume


    Focus - Concentration - Memory

  • Sophia #1 - botanical perfume


    Happiness - Relaxation - Comfort

  • I am Floating - botanical perfume


    Relaxation - Comfort - Peace

  • Pregnancy complete care pack


    Save 11%

    1 tummy butter + 1 lip butter + 1 facial oil = 11% discount. Pamper yourself with this complete care pack containing one tummy butter (175ml), one lip butter and one facial oil.

  • Light - botanical perfume


    Joy - Serenity - Harmony

  • Mummy and baby complete care pack


    Save 13%

    1 Triple B butter + 1 facial oil + 1 Hand&body butter + 1 lip butter = 17% discount. Pamper your baby and yourself with this complete care pack containing one Triple B butter (120ml), one facial oil, one body butter (50ml) and one lip butter.

  • Forest Lounge - botanical perfume


    Grounding - Uplifting - Relaxing

  • I am Love - botanical perfume


    Happiness - Contentment - Completeness

  • Share the love of facial oils - Free shipping


    Free shipping with 2 or more nourishing Facial oils bought

  • Calendula salve

    from $8.00

    This first-aid calendula salve is effective against rashes, cuts, burns, bites, redness, itchiness, eczema, wounds, irritation. Simply natural and healing.

  • Complete care pack


    Save 11%

    1 Hand & body butter + 1 Facial oil + 1 After-shave soothing oil + 1 Hand mousse + 1 Skin restore balm + 1 Lip butter = 12% discount. Pamper your family with this complete care pack. Pure bliss for everyone

  • I feel Inspired - botanical perfume


    Creativity - Vision - Intuition

  • Skin Restore Balm

    from $20.00

    This entirely natural skin restore balm is effective on a variety of skin complaints: rashes, cuts, burns, bites, redness, itchiness, eczema, dermatitis, chilblains, wounds, irritation and skin swelling. The balm contains a full load of calendula, eucalyptus, comfrey and chamomile oils and is further enriched with French lavender and shea butter.

  • Tummy butter

    from $25.00

    The butter contains yummy ingredients such as cocoa butter, macadamia and sesame oil, as well as healing calendula oil and shea butter. It is also enriched with protective beeswax and calming essential oils to make the experience of massaging your tummy an ever greater one. It will get you to the dream land in just seconds.

  • Zen Me Up - botanical perfume


    Mindfulness - Meditation - Spiritual

  • After-shave soothing oil


    Soothing, healing, uplifting and cooling after-shave oil to invigorate the skin naturally in only moments

  • Facial oil for mature skin


    This facial oil is a luxurious blend of pure botanicals to help skin regenerate, regain its natural elasticity and radiance, as well as fight against free radicals, environmental and UV damage. In addition to its anti-aging action, this precious oil moisturises, nourishes, heals, tonifies and brightens the skin, leaving it supple and rejuvenated.

  • Message in a bottle - botanical perfume


    Comfort - Strength - Energy - Elixir for self-kindness

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