We are two

We are two - Thank you!November is our anniversary month, which means joy, gratefulness, hope, lessons remembering and a bit of dreaming, all in a big cup of love. We count all the highs and lows of a full year and we are thankful to be going forward on this journey. We think on how we can do things better and how we can make people happier.

We are two now and we feel even more responsibility,  both towards our customers and our endeavours. This isn’t just a dream or a passing moment, we are here to stay and keep providing goodness to everyone involved. It is a tougher journey than we initially thought, but we have enjoyed every moment and every lesson we learned. It’s so engrained in our lives now, we can’t think of other ways to live meaningfully. It made us more humble, more sensible, better anchored, altogether more resilient. And hopefully better humans. ????

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been with us, you’ve made our lives better.

The big day for hands


I’ve been waiting and pondering, trying and experimenting for no less than 18 months. And now I can present you with the love-child of our small yet ever-growing family of natural skin care enthusiasts: our luxurious Hand Mousse. Thanks everyone for your excitement and unabated belief in what we do!

I totally loved this Hand Mousse from day one and I have no doubt it will delight and bring joy to everyone. It’s here to win hearts. Enjoy!


Stefania & co

The magic of spring

img_20161018_180617I love summer for its blue skies and bright sunshine, I love autumn for its amber tinted leaves, but spring has a magic spell on me, a whole new world comes alive again, tiny little seeds become little plants, blossoms impart the most amazing scents, the air gets refreshed by quick showers followed by incredible sunshine. And a rainbow. Or even two.

Spring is a time to marvel at life. I look around our orange-spotted property and I see my little calendula seedlings going from a few leaves to their first, dazzling flower to full bloom in really no time. It has something remarkable about it and the magic spell grows with each year. I love marigolds for the energy they exude as well as for their resilience. They are perfect companions. For humans and plants alike.

Thank you, Belinda

Just got this message from a customer at Kyneton FM today, it so made my day!!!

”Hi there, I bought a hand cream and lip butter this morning from your husband at the farmers market. I just wanted to let you know how much I love both products!! So lovely. Im looking forward to trying some more from your range.

Kind regards,


Thank you so much, Belinda! We are grateful for all nice words we get from our customers, it really means a lot to us.

All you need is less

images-1It’s raining, raining, raining and I am in the mood for making confessions today. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve thought I had bad-tempered skin, ugly breakouts, acne scars, oily nose and front, dry patches, uneven dull appearance overall. Nothing to be proud about. Or at least ok with.

And makeup wasn’t the answer for me either.

So I had to accept that I wasn’t lucky to have porcelain-soft skin. I just wasn’t gifted with that. It took me many years but eventually I gave in. I thought it was just an over-extended adolescence, which would eventually pass. But even when I was pregnant well in my 30’s I didn’t have the glowing skin that everyone talks about. So I surrendered, I wasn’t going to ever have happy-go-lucky skin.

And then, years later, ta-dah: I began realising my face started being even, supple and smooth to the touch. I started loving my skin, a totally new and unexpected feeling. I really felt blessed. Even if still having breakouts every now and then. :)

You’ll ask me what actually happened. Nothing over night. It took about one year of consistently following the same skincare ”routine”. It wasn’t actually a routine, but rather the lack of a laborious routine. I only washed my face with water and a bit of honey sometimes. And massaged a few drops of my herbal infused oils in the morning. Nothing else. Nothing more.

For me it was all about simplifying my skincare routine. The new look of my skin was a bonus. A HUGE one! And I am immensely grateful for it.


Love wine? Try this quick mask

With this cold start to the spring here in country Victoria I just fancy a nourishing face mask. I love my shiraz, so why not try something containing this wonderful antioxidant?! Plus honey. Double joy!

This quick and easy recipe contains only 3 ingredients to give your skin an extra healthy look:

  • red wine, which tightens the pores
  • honey, to hydrate and promote blood circulation
  • chia, rich in omega-3, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

This mask is for immediate use, so you will only need to make a small amount at once. Here is what you need

  • 1 teaspoon honey
  •  1 1/2 teaspoons red wine
  • 1/2 ground chia seeds

Stir together and use straight away. Apply a thick layer of the mask onto skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Enjoy! ♡

Benefits of using facial oils

This is an introductory article on the awesomeness of facial oils I wrote recently for a larger online community with keen interest in all-things natural. I thought I’d share it with you too. 

We have seen various facial oils popping up on the market for years, but what are they? How are they different from creams or lotions? And why would you use them instead? Will they leave your skin look oily? 

All these are valid questions, so let’s answer them one by one.


Facial oils are basically a blend of carrier oils (think macadamia, almond, olive, rosehip, coconut) or infused oils (my absolute favourite Calendula, Green tea, St John’s wort) enriched with essential oils. Some manufacturers add some other less natural ingredients like gliding agents, preservatives (tocopherol), fragrance, emollients (lecithin) and even parabens, however a good quality facial oil doesn’t require the addition of such synthetic ingredients because carrier/infused and essential oils love each other and mix beautifully together.


Are facial oils different from creams or lotions?

Cream = water + oils. While tipically a facial oil is 100% oils. A cream is about 30-40% water, with lotions scoring 60-70% water. Nothing wrong with water, but water and oil don’t mix together and that means you need an emulsifying agent to bind them together. And emulsifying agents are plain synthetic. 

Coming back to the water content in creams and lotions, another issue is that water is a good environment for bacteria to develop and that is why various preservatives need to be added to creams. The good news is bacteria doesn’t like oil. So if you are after a pure moisturiser, without synthetic ingredients or preservatives, your only bet is the oil. Plant-based oils that is, not mineral/petroleum-based oils. 


This gets us to our next question: why would you use facial oils? 

Because they can be 100% pure, natural. 

They are cost-effective – they come in small bottles because they go a long way, you only need a few drops at once. 

Oils are exactly what your skin needs for a healthy glow – the nourishing, moisturising and rejuvenating properties in a cream come from the oil content only, not from water. So why buy water so dearly?

Last but not least, you can use a facial oil as a moisturiser, a toner and a cleanser. This saves time, money and bathroom shelf.


Would facial oils leave your skin look greasy? Not at all! Facial oils are for everybody, not only for people with dry skin. They come in different formulations for various skin types and needs. From the rather heavy ones (like avocado or castor seed oil) to the lighter ones (like jojoba, which is actually a wax), there is a large range of nutrient-dense oils to suit every skin. The key is to massage the oil for a couple of minutes so it doesn’t just sit on top of the skin but penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin. And best is to use your facial oil on wet skin as the water will help the oil sink in quicker. Your face will feel fabulous then, no doubt!


One last thing, if you ask yourself whether facial oils and serums are different, the simple answer is no, they are no different. :)