Oil cleansing or how I get a good night sleep started

Some swear by the bible (the beauty bible that is :) ) that the oil cleansing method is the best and easiest addition to their skin-care routine. They fall in love with it at first try. And the love affair continues. I must confess I love oil cleansing too. I don’t know if it’s the only way (maybe because I like to have options, as a general rule in life), but it surely is a quick route to radiant skin. Every day! And if the beauty goddesses of ancient Rome and Greece were using olive oil to cleanse their skin, I bet they knew what they were doing.
I’ve been doing it myself for a while (over a year now) and I can simply vouch for it. At night, before going to bed, I massage a small amount of facial oil, that is my nourishing facial oil, all over my face and neck, my eyes closed for a couple of minutes, I just smell the aroma of the oil and think of the bright orangeness of the calendula flowers. Then I get my hot water running, soak a soft face washer, wring it out and place it over my face and neck to get the steam sink into my pores. Enjoy this awesome treat for 30 seconds and then wipe any oil residue with a clean corner of the wash cloth. My skin feels then supple, soft and velvety. Absolutely fabulous! And this truly makes me feel young.
On that positive note I go to bed. Not before putting a tiny bit of lip butter on and kiss my hubby good night. :)

What are your skin-care tips?

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