The 100% challenge

I’ve done some research into the organic cosmetics market and it was quite confronting to find out that what’s labelled organic can actually contain as little as 15% of organic ingredients. How is that organic?!? It’s like eating a nice peach along with the whole cardboard tray it comes in. Or like having an apple where only the skin is organic.

Call me obsessed, control-freak or whatever, but I can’t mix wine with water and call it champagne. I want my organic food to be organic. Entirely. Not only the skin or only the flesh.

The same goes with my cosmetics which are the food I provide to my skin. They have to be 100% organic, otherwise what’s the point of choosing organic?!
And also I want the stuff I put on my skin to be natural. 100%. If I wouldn’t eat it, I wouldn’t put it on my skin either. It’s just as simple as that.
If it doesn’t come from the farm / garden / wilderness, then I’m not interested.
That’s just me. How about you?

One thought on “The 100% challenge

  1. That’s right Stef. And your products are a living proof. I couldn’t be happier with my facial oil for oily skin but what I’m most addicted to is the tummy butter. As a new mum to be this is my perfect after shower companion to keep my tummy skin nourished. And so far there’s no single sign of strech marks!
    Just one thought: whenever you decide to create a bath range for us will certainly be a moment to celebrate.
    Thanks for your wondeful products!

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